2021 Calendar

12 Ingredients or Less

365 days of holistic recipes from Canadian nutrition professionals. Nourishment for the entire year! 

An excellent gift for family and friends.

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Through Simple Nutrition.

2021 Calendar: recipe a day

Recipes from Canadian Nutrition Professionals

Canadian Wide

Every contributor is a Canadian holistic nutrition professional.

Nutrition Advice

Contributors are educated and qualified to give you holistic nutrition advice.

Build Community

Professionals have all their contact details; become part of their community.

Nourishing Ingredients

Ingredients that nourish the body and help you feel amazing.

Simple Recipes

12 ingredients or less ensures the recipes stay simple and nourishing.

Learn About Health

Follow the professional which you like and find free food & health information.

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ReKnew Nutrition & Education

What Else Do We Offer?

As a part of this calendar, we have also included other ways to stay involved with our nutrition community. Throughout the calendar, we will be running health challenges that you can be a part of. Each challenge will be run by 2 different nutrition professionals that our in our calendar. Learn from your favourites! Click on a challenge to see more details!

Be Healthy Challenge

Take part in this 6 week challenge where several holistic nutrition professionals walk you though healthy choices on a daily basis. Access to a Facebook group for motivation, and meal plans weekly.

From Mar 16, 2021 to Apr 27, 2021

Weight-Loss Challenge

Weight loss can be easy when you have support!  Join us on this 6 week challenge where you will get tips, tricks, and meal plans.  A private Facebook group as well for daily motivation.

May 11, 2021 to June 22, 2021

Sports Nutrition Challenge

Work with our professionals in this 6 week sports nutrition challenge.  Get meal plans, tips, video and so much more in our private Facebook group.
6 weeks to a new you!

Sep 28, 2021 to Nov 9, 2021

2021 Calendar: recipe a day

Who is the calendar for? 

All of our contributors have put their heart into making this calendar for you.  They all share a common ideal: to distribute healthy and nourishing recipe ideas.

This year, support local!  There are so many possibilities for this calendar to be used for your family and friends.

Nourishing recipes, health challenges, nutrition facts, and so much more!

Perfect for a christmas present!

Great gift to yourself!

Fundraisers for schools and non-profits.

2021 Calendar: recipe a day

Why this Calendar?

Over 50 Holistic Nutrition Professionals

All our holistic nutrition professionals are trained and have received a diploma in holistic nutrition or naturopathic medicine.

Simple 12-ingredient recipes

We tried to keep it simple!  12 ingredients or less to make it easy to understand, and quick to make. When it’s dinnertime, you got a recipe for that!

Build the nutrition community

Follow your favorite nutrition professional.  Every one specializes in something different. Find your favorite and see what they can do for you.

Be a part of our other many challenges

Our challenges promote support, community, and results! Be part of our challenges through 2021.  This year, is the year to embrace your health!

Support a local company through COVID

With Christmas around the corner, shop local and support a holistic nutritional professional in your area.  Each recipe is filled with love and kindness with intent to nourish the reader.

Learn about new ingredients that are good for your body

Sometimes simple cooking is about using simple ingredients. Try something new or a product that gives you nourishment with your eyes closed!

2021 Calendar: recipe a day

Every project has a story.

This one is ours.

Our community will regrow our health. Welcome 2020.  The year that our children will be talking about for years and our grandchildren will learn in elementary school.

COVID-19. Coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2).

This is the virus that has wreaked havoc with our lives, our expectations, and definitely our economy.

This project was born while in isolation in the heart of uncertainty. We hear our friends, families, and co-workers and rampant social media wonder what will happen in the coming days and weeks?   We know that eventually life will return to “normal”, but today…uncertainty is everywhere. 

We also know that health is at the forefront right now!  Whether or not you have health concerns, you must be thinking about your immune system or wanting to be just a little bit healthier.

By banding together, this grass-roots holistic nutrition project was founded in the midst of chaos and uncertainty. An idea hit one day, and it took hold.  Investigation on the “how” started and we realized that we could do this and support people along the way. 

We knew that we could support the public with the good nutrition that we held in our minds. We knew that our community could rise to the occasion and produce amazing recipes that were easy to do and could educate the public.

We also knew that by doing our part to  through COVID, we could support people through their own health challenges at an affordable price.  Health doesn’t have to be expensive.

It will be Christmas shopping season before we know it, and we believe that Christmas 2020 will be more somber, and less focus on “stuff” and more focus on recovery.  People will have less means and will be forced to spend less.  This year, considering shopping local and support your nutrition professional in your area.

It is truly a gift that will last an entire year not only to your family and friends, but it also helps out a holistic nutrition community that worked so hard to bring you these recipes…with love and kindness.

Yours in health
ReKnew Nutrition & all the contributors