Weight Loss Challenge

Start Date: May 11, 2021

Length: 6 Weeks

Registration Fee: $49.00

How It Works & What You Get

Are you ready to take the challenge?

Spend 6 weeks of learning the concepts of weight and changing your perspective on weight loss.  Never has something been so confusing! Topics include:

* why you gain weight *

* why it is so hard to lose it *

* what other factors might be included you hadn’t thought about *

* why weight loss isn’t just about the food you eat *

Two of our holistic nutrition professionals will be walking you through this challenge with daily motivation, meal plans, ideas, and support.

You will have access to a private Facebook group, where you can ask questions of our nutrition professionals directly, and enjoy hearing progress of others just like yourself.

Receive a ton of new ideas, and define how the word “healthy” fits into your life!

Meal Plans

Meal plans by your coaches.  Along with education, the meal plans are meant to be realistic and give you fun ideas.

2 Coaches

We bring you two coaches so that you can get different ideas and let yourself define what weight means to you.


Meet others just like you that are on the same journey to find out what changes to make in their lives.

Your Coaches

Your coaches are going to spend these six weeks teaching and motivating you.  These aren’t just coaches: they are serious about nutrition and doing it the holistic way and being kind to yourself.  They are true nutrition professionals!

Weight loss is probably the area that is a big mystery to many people.  Weight is a very complicated topic! There is so much that can affect what the scale reads.  There are a lot of factors, and too often we are focused on just one.  What you put in your mouth.

That is important, but there are other factors which actually have more “weight” to them. Things like sleep, for one!  Did you know that sleep is actually in the top 3 reasons people gain (or lose) weight?  Do you know what the other two are?

Join us for this challenge, where we strive to teach you about excess weight on our bodies and learn why it is there. You are bio-unique!  You should not measure your own success (or previous lack of) based upon another individual.

Take these 6 weeks to learn the factors. Figure out why the weight is on. Figure out how to take the weight off!

 At the very core of this challenge is to understand food,  carbohydrates, proteins, fats, and other factors. 

Coach #1 - To be announced!

Certified Holistic Nutritional Professional

Located near you!

Coach #2 - To be announced!

Certified Holistic Nutritional Professional

Located near you!

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