Sports Nutrition Challenge


Start Date: September 28, 2021

Length: 6 Weeks

Registration Fee: $39.95


We apologize, but a tough decision has been made to postpone.  In September, many people will rely on the gyms and other public facilities to work out and follow the challenge.

With COVID, this will be difficult for many people.

We hope to run this at a later date.

How It Works & What You Get

Are you ready to take the challenge?

Winter is coming and it is a great time to get to the gym!  If you want to learn how to modify your nutrition for better results, this challenge is for you!

Spend 6 weeks of learning the concepts of eating for sports nutrition and leaning how the food you eat can affect your workouts and your performance. Paying attention to your macros is important, and here you can learn to make it work for you.

Two of our holistic nutrition professionals will be walking you through this challenge with daily motivation, meal plans, ideas, and support.

You will have access to a private Facebook group, where you can ask questions of our nutrition professionals directly, and enjoy hearing progress of others just like yourself.

Receive a ton of new ideas, and “re-define” your body through food!

Meal Plans

Meal plans by your coaches.  Along with education, the meal plans are meant to be realistic and give you fun ideas.

2 Coaches

We bring you two coaches so that you can get different ideas and let yourself define what health means to you.


Meet others just like you that are on the same journey to find out what changes to make in their lives.

Your Coaches

Get ready to “re-define” your body with food!  Your coaches are going to spend these six weeks teaching and motivating you.  We are picking only the best of the best from our calendar contributors. Coaches that live and breathe fitness and nutrition and have the background and clientele to prove it!

Whether you are an athlete or just working out at the gym, you are going to learn something new with this challenge! 

We will not only talk about food, but answer some questions, such as

  • “Should I have pre-workout”
  • “what can I eat to get good recovery”,
  • “how important are macros”
  • “can I do a (specialty) diet while working out”
  • And so much more!

If you have questions, our coaches have answers!

At the core of fitness is food. How you eat nourishes your body, and how well your body is nourished determines your fitness outcomes.  

We have two coaches because they will give you two different opinions. They will have two different approaches. They will have different meal plans. They will have different perspectives.  They will have two different bodies and two different metabolisms and two different results from their own workouts!

Coach #1 - To be announced!

Certified Holistic Nutritional Professional

Located near you!

Coach #2 - To be announced!

Certified Holistic Nutritional Professional

Located near you!

Ready to join the challenge?