Isabel Botros


Ontario, Ottawa


RHN (Registered Holistic Nutritionist)


Hormone Health, Weight Loss

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Isabel Botros is a registered Holistic Nutritionist with a background in psychology. She is the owner and founder of Eat Well With Isabel, where she specializes in hormonal imbalances and weight loss. Isabel strives to help busy women life happier, healthier lives by improving their food choices and eating with intention. Isabel holds an Honours Degree in Psychology from the university of Ottawa. After completing her undergraduate studies, she completed the natural nutrition program at the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition in Ottawa, Ontario, where she became a registered holistic nutritionist. She uses her psychology background in everyday practice, as it helps her to identify roadblocks to clients success, which can then be addressed and overcome. In addition to these qualifications, Isabel is also a certified personal trainer and a yoga teacher. Isabel leads group fitness classes, restorative yoga classes, and more active strength-based flows. In her work as a personal trainer, she works with clients at all levels, from total beginners to CrossFit athletes. Isabel specializes in safe and effective training for women in all stages of life, including pre and post natal fitness. Isabel believes in the importance of considering the bigger picture when discussing health, and believes in addressing both internal and external determinants of health. This means building individualized plans for her clients that include not only healthy meal plans, but also a regular movement practice, as well as stress management and relaxation techniques. In her nutrition practice, Isabel aims to help women find confidence and build a healthy relationship with food- no more dieting, restricting foods, and feeling guilty about food choices. She teaches her clients to eat intuitively, to listen to their bodies’ messages, and to tune into their physical, mental, and spiritual needs. She works with a focus on educating her clients so that they are able to make informed, healthy choices with confidence.