Be Healthy Challenge

Start Date: March 16, 2021

Length: 6 Weeks

Registration Fee: $49.00

How It Works & What You Get

Are you ready to take the challenge?

Spend 6 weeks of learning the concepts of eating healthy and living a healthy lifestyle.  Watch how food can change how you feel and enjoy how vibrant you look.

Two of our holistic nutrition professionals will be walking you through this challenge with daily motivation, meal plans, ideas, and support. 

You will have access to a private Facebook group, where you can ask questions of our nutrition professionals directly, and enjoy hearing progress of others just like yourself.

Receive a ton of new ideas, and define how the word “healthy” fits into your life!

Meal Plans

Meal plans by your coaches.  Along with education, the meal plans are meant to be realistic and give you fun ideas.

2 Coaches

We bring you two coaches so that you can get different ideas and let yourself define what health means to you.


Meet others just like you that are on the same journey to find out what changes to make in their lives.

Your Coaches

Your coaches are going to spend these six weeks teaching and motivating you.  These aren’t just coaches: they are serious about nutrition and doing it the holistic way and being kind to yourself.  They are true nutrition professionals!

Health has a different meaning for everyone.  Each of these coaches is certified in holistic nutrition at a minimum!  They have done coaching and they understand that health can be going for a walk, or it can be losing weight, or it can just be making friends.

At the core of health is food. How you eat nourishes your body.  Even the desire to get outside of the house can be influenced by what you eat!

We have two coaches because they will give you two different opinions. They will have two different approaches. They will have different meal plans. They will have different perspectives.

Your coaches are preparing to make 6 weeks of meal plans for you. They are making daily motivational messages and videos. They are taking videos of things they see in every day life that you may not have thought about. They are getting prepared to answer your questions every single day on the Facebook group.

Coach #1 - To be announced!

Certified Holistic Nutritional Professional

Located near you!

Coach #2 - To be announced!

Certified Holistic Nutritional Professional

Located near you!

Ready to join the challenge?